~ Don't Just Exist, Live! ~


Tamara Griffin is a badass woman that’s ready to take the world by storm! Here to uplift and encourage women all over the world while being a believer, wife, mom, boss and a small business influencer! She’s looking to do it all while being comfy, fashionable and real! Stay tuned for what she has to come! Peace Out!!

“Learning to laugh again after many trials, tribulations and lost in her life. Tamara Griffin is definitely ready to live life to the fullest and is determined to smile through the pain.”

“Tamara has created two amazing unique brands under her company Not Afraid Novelties called Cultured Kidz™️ a children’s backpack & Marriage Will Test Your...™️ a fashionable marriage collection.”

“Tamara is always coming up with creative slogans that are relatable to many if not all women. Stay tuned she definitely has more to come.”