Life Happened

I can’t believe I started this blog 3 years 2 months and 17 days ago! One thing I can honestly say is that I have struggled with being consistent with things in my life. But I’m back like I never left and this time I’m here to stay with the realest content! Diary of a Mourning Child was started because I experienced things that people don’t talk about! Loosing loved ones and not know how to feel or what to do while you go through the AFTERMATH!

I ended with my reason behind starting this blog and that was to heal, inspire and help others in my situation, with real content and maybe even some laughs. Coming back to this blog I have no idea where I should even pick up, but I’m going to start by saying boy a lot has changed in my life since April 2016. I have gotten Married, had not one but two children and still thinking about how much I miss my mother, who passed in October 2013. With all of these events that have taken place in my life in the past July 2016 until now, I always felt some type of why going through these new experience without my mother. Not being able to call her when I gave birth to her newborn grandchildren. Not being able to call her about the Bih that fired me in 2017, or about some of annoying people I come in contact with daily through my businesses. Oh by the way I started not one but 3 different businesses since writing this blog (I will touch bases on that later).

Anywho, I get so emotionally upset when I see or hear about grandparents that do not care to actively participate in their grandchildren’s lives. Sometimes I even feel like why was my mom taken away from my children, when I know she would have made an amazing grandmother to them. Before my mother passed she was an overachiever when it came down to my first born. She would bend over backwards to make sure my daughter has everything she needed and more. Like how do you deal with the attitude of feeling resentful towards people that still have breath in their bodies that don’t want to be bothered with their own children let alone grandchildren? How do you deal with having friends and family members that still have their mothers but talk about how much their mothers get on their nerves or do this/say that etc. How do you deal????

Speaking for myself, I’m not a weak minded person even when my thoughts try to torture/attack me. What I will say though, is that what helps me through these tough times is Prayer! When the devil attacks my thoughts, basically telling me that I’m worthy to have my mother around. I’m not worthy of experiencing my most exciting moments in my life with my mother. Or for her to see things that I have prayed for manifest in my life and come to pass. I just ask God to continuously give me peace. To continuously give me strength to keep moving forward and raise my children. No my mother is not around but I’m around to take care of my own children. No my children do not have consistent people in their lives to love them unconditionally, or to call on when they are in need, but I’m here!

God continuously blesses me day to day to be able to provide from my children mentally, physically and financially. No we are not living in a mansion yet (speaking it to existence) but we have a roof over our heads. We may not have all name brand clothes but we have clothes on our backs and we are well fed. To say I have been through so much in this short amount of time here on Earth, I keep going and I keep my head up. I can say God has truly blessed me with my strength, mentally and physically! If I was mentally weak I would have never been able to win this battle without knowing the Power of God and the Purpose he has on my life. I’m coming back to this blog to reclaim my purpose! You will be able to count on me to bring some healing in your life with the words that God blesses me with to present to you. As I stated before I may not have all the answers but I can relate!


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