The Reason

I have always felt like I was better at giving other people advice. Helping others with their problems over my own. It actually makes me feel amazing! The fact that I am able to help others with solutions to their problems has always been a good feeling for me. Now whether they took my advice or not was not my problem, but knowing they reached out to me made me feel as if I had my own life together.

Honestly and truthfully this all started when I worked at a Portrait Studio in Sugarland, Texas. My best friend was doing a photo shoot and I was her helper. She was doing a photo session for a young girl turning 15 (Her Quinceanera) to be exact. Her dress was beautiful and she was a very sweet girl. But she was not the person that stood out to me, her younger cousin was. I could see she was hurting inside, so I took it upon myself to talk to her and ask her the following questions: Why do you look so sad? This is a happy moment in your cousin’s life, but you look so unhappy.

Her aunt heard me asking her these questions and told me that her niece had lost her mom some years ago and she was still trying to cope. Being that I had just lost my mother a month earlier I knew completely how she felt. I became interested in talking to her even more because I knew exactly what she was going through. I begin to talk to her about my situation. I told her that I had recently lost my mother and that I did not have the luxury to sit home and be depressed. I had a daughter to take care of and a brother that was in a worst mental state than I was. I had to continue to go to work. Just like she had to continue to go to school. I also told her that I know how much it hurts to lose your mother at a young age. And that her mother would not want to see her cry everyday, she would not want to her to be sad everyday, and she would not want her to have a depressing look on your face everyday.

I then told her to smile and to be glad and grateful that she had an aunt that was able to take care of her and love her. Be grateful that she did not have to go into a foster home and be taken cared of by people that she didn’t know. And that in a couple of years her aunt will be ready for her to turn 15 and she will be able to wear a beautiful dress that would make her mother smile. Even though our mothers are not physically here with us on Earth they are still smiling and watching our every move. And we can always feel their love and presence.

I asked her if she wanted to go to college and what she wanted to major in. She said she wanted to be a doctor and try to help others in her mother’s position. I told her she would do great things, and that she should stay focused and make her mother proud. I gave her a hug and told her that everything will be okay, coming from someone that is currently going through the same situation. Not knowing where to turn or who to talk to. I continued to wake up everyday and kept going, not allowing my emotions to stop me. She thanked me for talking to her and giving her the much needed advice. She continued to smile and laugh with her family. And I smiled knowing that I did something great for her. I hope you are still smiling baby girl, because you deserve too. After that day I always felt in my heart that I was put on this Earth to make a difference.


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